How We Worship

Let our Service be carried out in the Spirit of Love and Wisdom… Let us balance Spiritual Instruction with Praise and Rejoicing… Let us temper outer forms of expression with inner experiences or Spiritual Communion. Let all our forms and expressions of Worship and Praise be marked by sincerity and devotion to God… Let us not worship “to be seen of men,” but to magnify and glorify our Creator.

We Worship God by Letting go… of thoughts, feelings, words and actions that serve to separate us from our sense of loving connection with God, others and ourselves.

We Worship God by Lifting our voices in praise… through the singing of songs, chants, hymns and praises… through words of affirmation, encouragement and testimony… through shouts and cheers proclaiming the Goodness and Glory of God.

We Worship God through our times of Silence… through our encounters of prayer, meditation, selah, contemplation and other experiences of “dwelling· in the Secret Place of the Most High.”

We Worship God through the renewing of our minds… by centering ourselves in the Word of God and in the Holy Message of Love… by receiving instruction through sermons, classes, studies, seminars, encounters, workshops and discussions.

We Worship God through the conscious and generous gifts of our tithes and love-offerings… Knowing that the Law of the Universe is one of sowing and reaping, we gladly give to the Source of our Spiritual Food “the tenth that is God’s,” and we allow ourselves to rec2ive more blessings still, according to God’s Promise.

We Worship God by raising our hands, hearts and minds in praise… and in so doing, we rise into greater levels of Consciousness of Oneness with God.

We Worship God by extending Loving Touch… by greeting one another in a loving embrace, or with a holy kiss… by the healing process of the laying on of hands… by hugging, holding hands, and massaging.

We Worship God through dance and movement…through structured movements. as well as those brought about spontaneously by Spirit; we allow ourselves to move in ways that enhance the experience of God-Pre­sence.

We Worship God by honoring our bodies as the Living Temples of the Living Spirit of God… by treating our bodies with care, gentleness, exercise and proper diet… by periods of fasting and purification… by holistic living.

We Worship God by our willingness to extend Love and Forgiveness, Honor and Service to everyONE… by visiting the sick and shut-in, speaking words of kindness, wishing one another well and praying for all people, everywhere…b y leaving no-one at all, outside the Circle of our Love.

We Worship God through the way we live our lives… as a living testament to what we believe is possible.

We Worship God through our Discipleship… by walking our talk and actioning our beliefs… by BEING the Light of the world.

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