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Hope Community Church

Hope Community Church

Hope Community Church is a Sanctuary of Worship, Praise, Instruction and Enlightenment.

We are a Christian church.

We follow Christ. We follow that Sacred and Holy urging within us to realize Conscious Union with God, our Creator, the Source of our Good.

We dedicate ourselves to this Calling.

We seek to aid each member of the Family of Humanity in raising in Mind to the attainment of the Consciousness of Christ… as demonstrated and actualized through Jesus.

Our Mission is to do the Will of God… to ”be about the Father’s Business” in the actions of Teaching, Loving, Healing, Uplifting, Comforting, Encouraging and Enlightening.

As Disciples of Christ, in Partnership with Jesus, we come not to condemn the world… but to inspire a greater experience of Life, and a more expanded realization of Love.

We are in Kinship with all Faiths in service to God. We quarrel with none.

We honor all Paths of Love and Light that lead to God.

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