What We Believe

WE BELIEVE in the Divinity of the Whole of God’s Creation… that we, ourselves, share in this Holy State of Divine Beingness… and that All that God Is in reality, we are in potential… and all that we are in potential we are in reality.

WE BELIEVE that we are indeed Created in the image and the likeness of God, and that it is possible for each of us to attain the State of Con­scious Union with God, our Creator (Christhood).

WE BELIEVE that we are given life by the Creative Principle of Love, Perfection and Intelligence that we have come to call God… that God Is the Source of All Life… that God Is Omnipotence (ALL Power), Omnipresence (Residing Everywhere) and Omnisci­ence (ALL knowing)… GOD IS ALL THERE IS.

WE BELIEVE that God Is Spirit… and that it is within this Spirit that we live, move and have our Being… even as this Spirit lives, moves, and has Its Being within us.

WE BELIEVE that, as the Children, Creations, and Extensions of God, we have the power to create Heaven on earth… by giving ourselves fully in Service to Love and Wisdom… by seeking first the Kingdom of God… by Practicing the Presence of God… and by seeking to SEE GOD IN ALL THINGS and to BE GOD IN ALL WAYS, to the best of our ability.

WE BELIEVE that through God-connected desire, belief, discipline and intention “all things are possible” and “nothing shall be impossible” for us to achieve and to receive.

WE BELIEVE that Christ-in-us is our “hope of Glory.” as well as our Promise and Assurance of a Safe Homecoming in the Love and Oneness of God, our Father-Mother-Creator-ALL that ls.

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